Ouarzazate - Merzouga, a small village in southeastern Morocco, located about 35 kilometers from Rissani and 55 kilometers from Erfoud, is the largest oasis in Morocco. It has become a favorite destination for lovers and lovers of golden sands as well as for those who seek treatment for certain diseases.

While some seek the healing sands of the oasis, others seek to discover the way of life of the nomadic tribes remaining in the area.

Before it became a tourist destination, the population relied on travel and trade as their main livelihood, hence the famous trade route to Mali which takes traders about 52 days to reach Timbuktu. However, since the past few decades, the region has invested in agriculture and tourism.

The people of Merzouga specialize in treating many diseases such as rheumatism, bone pain, as well as some skin diseases, using the temperature of the hot desert sand. This process takes place from the end of June until the end of August; That is, while the temperature is at its highest. Tourists who travel here to recover from illness follow the instructions of their hosts; Which entails burying it completely, from the neck down, in the hot sand.

During this procedure, therapists make sure that the "patients" refrain from eating or drinking cold liquids and that they are covered with a blanket immediately after getting out of the sand to avoid any draft. While in the sand, for about 15 minutes, the tourist regularly drinks warm water. After that, he heads to the tents to get rest, sweat and drink herbal tea, then take a shower. This process is repeated for at least three days until the treatment is completed.

After the treatment, visitors are offered tours designed to introduce them to the Bedouin culture and the beauty of the region's landscapes. Tourists also spend at least a full day and night in the tents watching the sunset and sunrise. Other adventures such as participating in organized races in the desert are also available to tourists.

Among the nearly 22 km of high sand dunes, the majority of tourists targeting Merzouga find comfort in the simplicity of life here, enjoying traditional music, and being amazed by the hospitality of the indigenous people.