A heated discussion is underway regarding the supposed unveiling of the logo for the 2030 World Cup, set to be hosted by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal. The logo features a soccer ball surrounded by red, green, and yellow shapes, which represent the colors of the flags of these three countries. There are words on the logo – "Yalla," which means "let’s go" in Arabic, and "Vamos," which means the same in Spanish and Portuguese.

Even though some say that the football federations of these countries approved the logo, there is still no official confirmation, making some people doubtful. Spanish newspapers are questioning the timing of the reveal, as official logos are usually shown closer to when the tournament starts, which is about three years before.

People are also discussing the influence of Morocco on the logo, pointing out that the Arabic word "Yalla" is more noticeable. Spanish outlets have remarked that Morocco seems to be taking the lead in news about the 2030 World Cup, starting from when King Mohammed VI announced the joint bid.

Notably, the logo is different from previous ones as it doesn't include the usual "FIFA World Cup 2030" wording. As the debate continues on social media, FIFA and the football federations involved haven't said anything official about it yet, leaving the authenticity of the logo in question.